Public Warning Notice (Regarding the illegal reproduction of  I-CUBE / MagicShot )

'I-CUBE/MagicShot' of Andamiro Co.,LTD'(Andamiro) is protected under the patent law which is applied to patent products by the Patent Office of Republic of Korea on the 26th Nov 2013. (Patent No.: No. 10-1335568 ) Patent contents are ‘the key operating mechanism part’ and ‘the prize discharge mechanism part’.

Without prior agreement with Andamiro, any unauthorized copying or illegal reproduction of the Andamiro products (including modulation, copy, transfer, distribute, display, sell) will strictly be forbidden by the law and any violations will be subject to heavy penalty according to the Act and subordinate statute.
Any of the above violations may result in a legal liability for civil and criminal act. (As stated above, any overseas sale of Andamiro products manufactured in Republic of Korea will also receive penalty according to the Act and subordinate statute. Any unauthorized copying, illegal reproduction or purchase/ lease of the Andamiro products will be subject to heavy penalty.)

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