Andamiro’s IAAPA Product Showing Signals Strong Start To 2018; Amusement Machine Company Celebrates 25th Anniversary

  • Date : 11/17/2017

Andamiro’s IAAPA Product Showing Signals Strong Start To 2018; Amusement Machine Company Celebrates 25th Anniversary




ORLANDO, FL--November 17, 2017-- The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions announced a record-breaking convention and trade show held Nov. 14-17 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Some 39,000 attractions industry professionals registered for 2017 edition of the IAAPA Attractions Expo, and 25,300 of them were reportedly buyers. At the 2017 expo, Andamiro USA Corp. dazzled visiting amusement operators with more than a half-dozen innovative new product offerings. Here's a post-show product briefing:


NFLPA Super Star Football Coins, authorized by the National Football League Players Association, is on test in several locations throughout the nation, and will be available for shipping next week -- in time for the playoffs! It employs the elements of a skill crane, coin pusher and novelty vender, and features 60 NFL player souvenir coins. It can operate as a merchandiser or ticket redemption game. Each game ships with 4,284 coins and, for a limited time, with 50 complimentary collector's albums.


SpongeBob Soccer Stars is on test and is shipping now. This new redemption game employs Andamiro's proven lever-powered ball-launching mechanism. Good aim is rewarded with tickets. What happens when you combine two world-renowned symbols? SpongeBob meets soccer in an amusement machine.


Tight Rope is testing in several markets and begins shipping on January 15. It brings the skill of riding a unicycle on a highwire to video-redemption. With its high-def graphics simulating views from various highwire adventures and its moving obstacles that increase the challenge, Tight Rope immerses gamers and tests their reaction skills.


Demand for Despicable Me Jelly Lab, SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade and Order Up, Paw Patrol and Baseball Pro remains strong, and Andamiro USA is boosting inventory to meet orders into the first quarter of 2018. The latest version of Andamiro's rhythm and dance game, Pump It Up 2017 Prime, is also shipping.


Additional product information can be obtained by calling Andamiro USA Corp. at (310) 767-5800 or emailing us at


This year, Andamiro marked its 25th anniversary. During the IAAPA show, president and chief executive C.S. Lee thanked distributors and operators for their support. "We always had a long-term vision to create products that bring 'happiness to all,'" he said, "and we could not done that without you. As we begin a new chapter, Andamiro's promise to you is simple: to make the best games imaginable." Andamiro has new products in development that will be announced in 2018.



PHOTOS: Andamiro chief executive C.S. Lee (c.) makes the first cut in company's 25th anniversary cake on IAAPA's opening day; the U.S. division's chief operating officer Min Lee and sales president Drew Maniscalco (r.) flank the CEO. In center photo, U.S. division president Satinder Bhutani (l.) meets with Timezone's Malcolm Steinberg, who had just announced the sale of half of the FEC chain. At right, Pump It Up pro Daniel Twilly signals his approval of Andamiro's 2017 Prime edition.



PHOTOS: At left, Nickelodeon's Freddy Tutiven (l.) and David Sztoser get a close-up look at SpongeBob Soccer Stars, which is Andamiro's fourth Nickelodeon product. Next, Drew Maniscalco describes Tight Rope to Betson executives. In right photo, a young showgoer organizers her NFLPA souvenir coins, which kept IAAPA visitors coming back to the Andamiro booth.

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