Launched Pump It Up Phoenix
Launched Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge, Bobblehead Baseball
Launched SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom, CHRONO CIRCLE™
Launched Spongebob Ticket Coaster, Marvel’s Avengers
Launched Pump It Up XX and Pump It Up Mobile Edition
Launched Basketball Pro, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Ticket Man
Awarded the 20 million dollar export tower (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Selected as a global small and medium-sized company (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
Established a Japanese corporation (ANDAMIRO JAPAN CO., LTD.)
Selected as an excellent company in Goyang city
Launched Paw Patrol, SpongeBob Soccer, SpongeBob Order Up, NFLPA Super Star
Launched Despicable Me Jelly Lab, WWE Super Star Rumble
Launched Prize Pod, Prize Pod S, Super Star, Super Star S, Golden Empire
Launched Pump It Up Prime 2 2015
Launched Pump It Up Prime
Launched Color Rangers, Red Elephant, Field Goal, Eiffel Tower, S-Cube, Smart Cube, Carnival Jungle
Held WPF (World Pump It Up Festival) 2011
Established a Chinese corporation
Launched En shoot, Dolphin show, Smart smacker, Winners' Cube, Winners' Ringer, Teeter Totter Castle
Launched Pump It Up Fiesta EX, Fiesta 2
Launched Fruit Party, Ferris Wheel, Pump NXA, Fiesta
Entering the Chinese game market through strategic alliances with Chinese companies
Launched Hammer 2, Winner's Wheel, Circle Rama, Wonderland
Launched Touch Me(Photo booth), Soul Guardian(TCG), Pump NX2
Awarded "10 Million Dollar Export Tower" by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Held World Pump It Up Festival (WPF 2011) in Mexico
Selected as a world-class product (Pump It Up) - 2006.6.30 Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Ministry of Knowledge Economy), Korea Industrial Technology Foundation
Launched Pump It Up NX
Held WPF(World Pump it up Festival) 2006 (Teams from 20 countries participated)
Held WPF(World Pump it up Festival) 2005 (Teams from 11 countries participated)
Arcshade, R&D Award at Korea Game Awards / 'Excellent Game of the Month' by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
ISO 9001 certified
Established Andamiro USA corporation
ISO 9002 certified and ERP system introduction
Established research institute affiliated with Korea Technology Promotion Association / Selected excellent technology company by Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
Venture business technology and business 'qualification' evaluated by Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration
Changed company name from 'Oksan Electronics' to 'Andamiro'
In-house technology development 2D Board MIDAS and 3D Board SPACE development completed
Launch dance simulation game Pump It Up
Development of 3D graphic engine and construction of prototype/development environment for next-generation game machines
Selected/executed high-speed information and communications network operator (Ministry of Information and Communication)
Selected and executed technology development support project (Ministry of Information and Communication)
Registered as a first-class electrical appliance manufacturing business and selected as a qualified military-supplied security measurement company
Selected/executed industry-based technology development industry (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)/ Selected as a promising small and medium-sized information and communication company (Ministry of Information and Communication)
Established 'Oksan Electronics'