Licensing (IP) Programs

Andamiro offers a diverse portfolio of proprietary and branded games in almost every arcade category. From its proprietary titles, including Pump It Up in the video dance category, and redemption staples like Baseball Pro, Basketball Pro and Monster Catcher, as well as such merchandising and vending devices as Safe Cracker and Soccer Safari, to licensed titles based on world-recognized entertainment brands like Avengers, Jurassic World and SpongeBob.

Today, the adaptation of intellectual propriety to arcade gaming is a driving force behind Andamiro’s corporate organization and design culture. The company has invested heavily in the licensing of intellectual property; and as a result, we have the largest portfolio of licensed titles in today’s amusement machine industry.

Current Andamiro licenses include Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and Paw Patrol from ViacomCBS, and Despicable Me and Jurassic World from NBCUniversal, along with sports brands from World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., NFL Players Association and MLB Players Association. We’ve created a dozen games tied to these licenses. Following the signing of an agreement with the Walt Disney Co. in 2019, Marvel Avengers became the newest asset in Andamiro’s IP portfolio. For certain Asian arcade markets, Andamiro owns rights to Astro Boy, one the most successful manga and anime franchises in the world.

“It is an honor to represent such wonderful licensing partners and turn their creative works into amusement devices played by millions of people. They have entrusted us to do something magical with their intellectual properties and it is a tremendous responsibility we take very seriously,” notes Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco.

As our IP footprint continues to grow, Andamiro is able to connect with a wider range of players in all player demographics, from preschoolers and teens to adults ages 18 to 99. And our branded games strengthen the connection between an arcade venue and the playing public.

Social Compliance

Andamiro Co. Ltd. and its subsidiary Andamiro USA Corp. are committed to an ethical manufacturing process that respects the rights of its employees and workers around the world. The health, welfare and safety of the people who make components for Andamiro products are important to us.

Through its social compliance program and its agreements with key suppliers, Andamiro seeks to prevent all instances of child labor, forced labor and human trafficking and to ensure compliance with all local laws. Andamiro requires its suppliers to comply with all local laws that address human rights issues and workers’ rights. These tenets and Andamiro’s supply chain guidelines are explained and underscored in the company’s Social Compliance Policy and Code of Conduct.

Andamiro’s social compliance program meets the conditions required by Social Accountability International’s “Social Fingerprint” assessment.