C r e a t i n g J O Y F o r A l l

Andamiro, who has devoted themselves to the development of arcade games with the pride of being able to give dreams, hope, and pleasure, is at the forefront of the fastest-changing arcade game industry.

The constant effort to create a fun and valuable play culture by bringing about change in the world with youth and challenges is the beginning of change for a happy world that Andamiro wants to create.

Andamiro is

Andamiro is developing into a company that creates the future and culture through its technological know-how and domestic and overseas networks.

Andamiro will lead the arcade industry and
become a partner in realizing the best customer satisfaction and business.


We are growing into the best company by realizing responsible management.

  • Value creation

    Realization of increased added value for all members and organizations (realization of quantitative and qualitative values)

  • Fair evaluation

    Unleash your abilities to the fullest with passion and a spirit of constant challenge

  • Enhancing management efficiency

    Build quality assurance system (less than 1% of failure cost) Improve work efficiency Shorten development process

  • Transparent management

    Aim for the same goal by forming CONSENSUS through efficient communication

Symbol Mark


The official name of the curve spanning 'A' and 'N' and 'D' is 'Arch Of ANDAMIRO'.

Meaning I

By expressing the image of the sun rising slowly behind the earth, it expresses the meaning of the company to make the world full of joy and happiness just as the sun rises and shines on the earth.

Meaning II

On the other hand, it also expresses the tip of the thumb when the thumb is raised to the sky, which means the best, and through this, you can get a glimpse of ANDAMIRO's pleasant wit.

Andamiro Slogan

Creating Joy For All