Pump It Up tournament at Babylon Park in Camden, London May 12th

  • Date : 05/23/2023



On May 12th, the first-ever Pump It Up tournament took place at Babylon Park in Camden, London. Over 50 players gathered to showcase their skills in this thrilling rhythm game, with exciting prizes on the line, including official Pump It Up merchandise. The tournament was a resounding success, prompting the intergalactic indoor theme park to announce plans for future events of this kind. With standard tournament rules and three skill-based categories, the competition proved to be an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.


The Tournament Format
The Pump It Up tournament at Babylon Park featured a well-structured format that allowed players of different skill levels to compete fairly. The event comprised three categories: Beginners (Levels 5 to 11), Intermediate (Levels 12 to 16), and Advanced (Level 17+). This classification ensured that participants were pitted against opponents with similar expertise, creating an atmosphere of healthy competition.


Rules and Gameplay
The tournament followed standard Pump It Up rules, requiring players to demonstrate their prowess by successfully hitting arrows on the dance pad in sync with the rhythm of the music. Each category consisted of multiple rounds, where participants played two songs per round. The choice of songs remained consistent for all players in each category, ensuring fairness and an equal challenge for all participants.


Advancement to the Next Round
At the end of each round, the top 25% of players with the highest scores advanced to the subsequent round. This elimination system ensured that only the most skilled players progressed further in the tournament, while maintaining an exciting and competitive environment for all participants.



The Atmosphere at Babylon Park
Babylon Park, the intergalactic indoor theme park in Camden, provided an ideal setting for the Pump It Up tournament. With its futuristic ambiance, state-of-the-art equipment, and vibrant lighting, the venue created an immersive experience for players and spectators alike. The excitement in the air was palpable as participants showcased their dance moves, spurred on by the cheering crowd.


Future Tournaments
The overwhelming success of the first Pump It Up tournament at Babylon Park has paved the way for a series of future events. Encouraged by the positive response from the community, the organizers have announced their intention to continue hosting similar tournaments. These events will provide dedicated Pump It Up enthusiasts with regular opportunities to showcase their skills, compete against fellow players, and vie for exciting prizes.


The inaugural Pump It Up tournament at Babylon Park in Camden, London, marked the beginning of an exciting journey for rhythm game enthusiasts. With its inclusive categories, fair rules, and electrifying atmosphere, the tournament captivated both participants and spectators. As Babylon Park prepares to host more of these events, fans eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to join the rhythmic frenzy and celebrate the art of dance and music in the world of Pump It Up.