Avengers (One-Player)

Available in Card and Non Card Versions! 


Dimensions 868mm x 1,026mm x 2,151mm
34" x 40" x 85"

Packing Dimensions 1,150mm x 980mm x 2,260mm
45" x 39" x 89"

Product Weight 250 kg / 551 lbs

Packing Weight 270 kg / 595 lbs

Power 210w

TicketRedemption Disney Marvel Avengers

Andamiro’s First Disney-Licensed Product – And First Economically Priced Pusher In A Single Cabinet!


Andamiro’s Marvel Avengers coin pusher is now available in a one-player model in two versions:

one that operates with a collectible card series featuring nine Avengers, and another that plays without cards.

The one-player models, unveiled in October 2020, follow the original two-player games launched in July 2020.

Both card and non-card versions are ticket-redemption games. Avengers is a feature-rich,

rapid-fire coin pusher inspired by the Infinity Stones storyline in the “Avengers” movies by Marvel Studios.

Players fire tokens at a moving target wheel to win tickets and other rewards, and to populate the pusher playfield.

The game’s main objective is to “push” the Infinity Stones, which also reside on the playfield, off the ledge.

A Bonus Spin game is enabled when one stone is dropped;

the Super Bonus game turns when all six Infinity Stones are collected. Single-player station

©2020 MARVEL Studios.



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