Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge


Dimensions 1,763mm x 1,041mm x 2,463mm
69" x 41" x 97"

Packing Dimensions 1,150mm x 1,900mm x 2,210mm
45" x 75" x 87"

Product Weight 426 kg / 939 lbs

Packing Weight 492 kg / 1,085 lbs

Power 400w

AvengersInfinityStone TicketRedemption Disney Marvel Avengers

Players try to collect the six Infinity Stones to activate the Super Spin wheel.

Andamiro’s newest skill-based redemption game is presented in an eye-catching Marvel Avengers-branded cabinet with two player positions.

The quick-play game tasks players to collect six Infinity Stones to activate the Super Spin wheel.

With good timing skills – pressing the button at just the right time – players can successfully drop a stone into

one of three target holes on a revolving playfield to win tickets and collect stones.

Specially crafted Infinity Gauntlets that keep score are central fixtures of each player side.

Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge, the second arcade game developed under the Andamiro-Disney creative alliance formed in 2019,

is a lot of fun and offers plenty of ways for players to win tickets.

Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge employs color-sensing technology to help recreate the Endgame story into a quick-play,

interactive arcade gaming adaptation. Photoelectric sensors send signals to the game’s Infinity Gauntlets (two per side) that keep score.

When a player collects all six stones – orange (Soul Stone), red (Reality Stone), blue (Space Stone), purple (Power Stone), green (Time Stone) and yellow (Mind Stone) – they enable a spin on the bonus wheel, which is positioned between two player stations.

The game also plays with a bonus black stone, which automatically spins the big wheel following a successful drop.

All functions are self-contained. ©2022 MARVEL Studios



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