Safe Cracker



Dimensions 1,024mm x 942mm x 2,322mm
40" x 37" x 91"

Packing Dimensions 1,150mm x 850mm x 2,260mm
45" x 33" x 89"

Product Weight 280 kg / 617 lbs

Packing Weight 310 kg / 683 lbs

Power 300w

SafeCracker PrizeRedemption

Safe Cracker’s sounds, lights and visuals work in concert to evoke the imagery of a classic heist film … You dirty rats!


Safe Cracker continues Andamiro’s decade-long commitment to the design and manufacture of quality prize merchandisers.

Safe Cracker is packaged in a sturdy, steel cabinet that boasts a textured black finish similar to that of an antique iron safe.

The machine’s LED lights create an attractive exterior ambiance and a bright interior environment, making the prize selections stand out.

Safe Cracker’s game element is rich in features but easy to play.

The player employs a one-button control in an attempt to win prizes skillfully.

After a payment is inserted, the game’s clock begins to count down.

The player holds the button down to start the game and keeps it pressed as the prize disc rotates counterclockwise.

He or she has 30 seconds to start the game.

Seven roomy and adjustable product shelves accommodate a wide variety of prizes, and a highly secure interior deters theft.

Each shelf has a maximum footprint size of 10” W. x 7” D.


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