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We keep promises.

We do our best in each task with responsibility and sense of ownership.

With this new technology and nation as well as worldwide network, Andamiro is thriving to become a leading company in creating culture and future.
Andamiro has been focusing on research and development in game industry solely with confidence to provide dreams, hopes, and pleasure as it firmly keeps its place on the very frontline in fast-changing game industry.


We strive to become the best company by achieving management with integrity.

Value creation

Achieve value-added expansion for all members and organization.
Achieve quantitative and qualitative values

Evaluate management efficiency

Reduce unnecessary cost
Build warranty system (within 1% of failure cost)
Improve work efficiency and cut developing process

Transparent management

Aim for the same goal via precision management and consensus formation through positive and effective communication

Fair evaluation

Discover and nurture human resource
enthusiastic attitude and mindset to bring out the best within myself


Andamiro promises to create the best products and service based on trust and technology.

[Dynamic corpororation leading the change in the world via youth and challenge]

There's no limit in demonstrating our capacity with passion and spirit of challenge

[ Cultural corporation striving to create valuable entertainment ]

We never stop moving towards globalized entertainment leading trends.

[ Customer-oriented corporation striving to provide customer satisfaction at all times. ]

We will become your best partner by achieving customer satisfaction based on technology and human resource.

[ Corporation that contributes to achieve Korea's renown along with its contribution to social and economic development ]

We pursue the sense of community as a member of global community, and with such as the foundation, we pursue management for porsperty of the nation, society, and people.

Change for a better place which Andamiro seeks starts again from here.


We promise market&customer-oriented yet competitive organization which stands out cooperating with various external parties.


USA corporation
China corporation
Japan corporation
Oversea sales team
Domestic sales team


Redemption game development team
Music game development team
H/W team
Product development team


Manufacture management team
Product quality management team
Business support team
Management support team


Suggested symbol is an important communication element to promote Andamiro's volition and vision that a combination with regulated slogan must be used.


The official name for the curved line over 'A', 'N', and 'D' is 'Arch of Andamiro.'
As the sun rises over the earth to shine its light, it expresses that Andamiro shall fulfill the world with joy and happiness.
Additional meaning in our symbol is that it symbolizes the tip of a thumb as in "thumbs up," indicating Andamiro's sense of humor.

모두에게 즐거움을 주는 회사 - 한글 / KOREAN - Creating Joy For All - 영어 / ENGLISH -

Slogan exists in English and Korean.

안다미로는 아케이드 산업을 선도하며, 최고의 고객만족과 비즈니스를 실현하는 동반자가 되겠습니다.

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